Online Single-Pilot Resource Management

Online Single-Pilot Resource Management (OSRM™) is an interactive, entertaining and educational training program that teaches crucial safety skills for general aviation pilots.The Online SRM (OSRM) Training course is a truly interactive learning experience. The student is challenged with exercises, quizzes and questions. The course is designed to be engaging and interactive. This OSRM training is not a passive activity like reading a text book or listening to a lecture. It was a refreshingly active course that leverages Computer Based Training (CBT) to create an interactive and enjoyable learning environment.

OSRM™ has been proven effective at improving pilot performance. Dr. Suzanne Kearns completed her 2007 research study into the effectiveness of OSRM™ , finding that computer-based SRM training significantly improves pilot skills. This research project involved 36 licensed pilot volunteers. Some of the volunteers completed training and some did not. All of the volunteers then completed a flight in a high-fidelity Cessna 172 simulator in which their situation awareness was measured. It was determined that pilots who completed OSRM™ training demonstrated significantly better situation awareness than those who did not complete training.

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WORLDiscoveries® Impact

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We contributed to the success of OSRM through:

  • Helping to secure commercialization funding for software development
  • Considerable web development, including coupon codes to reduce administrative overhead in supporting classroom and external use
  • Enabling and supporting commercialization through a third party e-commerce portal
  • Providing ongoing business support, negotiating with industry partners and corporate implementation as well as single user sales

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