Employee Commitment Survey

Based on the Three-Component Model (TCM) of commitment (Myer & Allen, 1991; 1997), the TCM Employee Commitment Survey measures three forms of employee commitment to an organization: desire-based, obligation-based and cost-based.

Employees respond to a series of statements pertaining to their relationship with the organization and their reason for staying.

In the original version of the survey, there are eight statements for each of three commitment scales: the Affective Commitment Scale (ACS), the Normative Commitment Scale (NCS) and the Continuance Commitment Scale (CCS). .

In the revised version there are six statements for each form of commitment. The survey can be administered alone, or can be imbedded in more extensive paper and pencil or web-based organizational surveys..

To learn more about this digital innovation, visit: www.employeecommitment.com

WORLDiscoveries® Impact

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We contributed to the success of Employee Commitment Survey through:

  • Web development and maintenance over an extended period
  • Administration of hosting and domain services
  • Finding and even building alternative e-commerce solutions to ensure cost-effective delivery online

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