Innovation Junction™

We will shortly be making it possible for you to submit your Report of Innovation (ROI) to us online through our Innovation Junction. While our existing paper forms will still be available for the time being, this new opportunity will allow you to create and submit your innovations electronically.

You will be able to provide all the information we need that is currently collected on the paper forms and submit the disclosure through our website. This will help us operate more efficiently through our backend system and will keep you more informed of the stage of your disclosure.

We're still exploring quite what information we can collect and how that will help you in disclosing your work to us, making it easier to share information with us. We're looking forward to rolling this out as soon as we can.

With our green initiatives, one other aspect of online disclosures is that it can help in the challenge to reduce the amount of paper being moved around - all the better.

in the meantime...

We have other methods to submit your Report of Innovation (ROI) in our alternative formats.

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