We're thrilled to introduce our proprietary innovative e-commerce and impact-tracking portal InnoVerify―a secure, streamlined marketplace that expedites the delivery and access of all digital innovations to the public. InnoVerify is designed to package your digital innovations for controlled distribution and secured accessibility.

Our proprietary secured portal provides academics and clients direct access to digital creative works including pdfs, music, e-books, software, toolkits and membership access to restricted content. The portal ensures a streamlined process of registration, payment and downloads in one cohesive program providing users instant access to digital innovations.

Innovators are now able to easily sell their digital products or restricted membership access online, add products for sale on their website using InnoVerify™ codes, provide registered access to demos and track interest through an entirely branded process from start to finish.

Customers can easily purchase products and access restricted demos securely and directly at an originating website without being redirecting to alternative payment or registration services.

Explore InnoVerify™―a secure, streamlined online portal that expedites the delivery and access of all digital innovations to the public.

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  • Easily sell your digital products or restricted membership access online
  • Easily add products for sale to your website(s) using the toolkit of InnoVerify Codes
  • Provide registered access to your demos and open source software
  • Entire process is branded, maintaining consistency from start to finish
  • Capable of tracking interest and uptake measuring your products impact
  • Both content and user access are InnoVerified by WORLDiscoveries®

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