Renix Inc.

Established in 2009, Renix Inc. is using new technology to purify valuable materials and to decontaminate products and waste streams. It offers an Uninterrupted Ion Exchange (UIX) technology that combines practical application with world-class research, offering cost savings, increased production efficiency, productivity and yield.

Traditional systems run cyclically, needing regular time to regenerate the ion exchange resins. The original intent of the technology was to eliminate this cyclic separation and regeneration approach and incorporate the benefits of fluidization. That was achieved with a new liquid solid circulating fluidized bed system that simultaneously separates ions of interest and regenerates resins. It has created an uninterrupted system that can offer considerable advantages to both capacity and bottom line.

An ion exchange system can improve environmental remediation, product quality, appearance, efficacy and safety. It has applications in a large number of industry sectors – including food & beverage, ingredients, nutrition, biofuels, power generation and mining operations.

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WORLDiscoveries® Impact

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  • Helping to secure over $170K in commercialization funding
  • Pursuing prosecution of a large international patent portfolio
  • Providing ongoing business support (such as virtual patent marking)

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