Sunwash Technologies Inc.

Established in 2012, Sunwash Technologies Inc. is a world leader in photocatalytic self-cleaning polymers. A safe environment begins with clean surfaces. Residues from chemicals, food, or oils can harbor bacteria but can actually prevent cleaners and sanitizers from being effective. Current cleaning practices often require the use of harsh chemicals that are more toxic than the material they are designed to work against.

Through their proprietary technology, SunWash imposes self-cleaning properties into everyday materials. “Self-cleaning” refers to the materials’ ability to degrade organic or biological matter that comes into contact with the surface when exposed to light. These self-cleaning materials have the ability to reduce the costs of chemicals, energy and human resources associated with cleaning and sanitizing surfaces.

Applied like paint, SunWash EverPur is a self-cleaning, two-component, polyaspartic coating. These durable coatings provide a washable finish and are developed to withstand the high traffic and humid conditions present in food processing facilities.

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  • Helping secured over $300K in R&D funding
  • Prosecution of Canadian, US and EU patents
  • Identification of industry partners and applications

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