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Copper-based photovoltaic nanocrystals for thin-film solar cells
IntroductionIncreased environmental awareness promoted many countries to adopt renewable energy as the new power source. Solar energy tapped through photovoltaic (PV) technology has become the widely accepted source of power generation, as it operation generates no pollution, and no greenhouse gas emissions. Improving efficiency while reducing cost...
A Retrofit Wireless Sensor System for Industrial Plants
Background:In safety-critical industrial facilities such as oil and gas refineries, chemical processing and power generation plants, the requirements on the reliability of critical sensors are extremely high. Such sensors are typically wired and are used for emergency shutdown decision-making, process control or monitoring. Since these sensors usua...
Rice Straw Agri-Silica
Background:Rice is one of the most prevalent food crops in the world. In 2005, the International Rice Research Institute estimated global production at 618 million tonnes. Each tonne of rice produces an equal amount of straw and 200 kg of husk as bi-products. In many countries, the rice straw bi-product is burned in open fields, generating smoke an...
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