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Copper-based photovoltaic nanocrystals for thin-film solar cells
BackgroundImproving efficiency while reducing cost is of paramount importance when it comes to solar cell research. Thin-film solar cells, at the cutting edge of solar cell technology, represent an exciting realm of photovoltaics which promises to do just this. Typically, thin-film solar cells are comprised of a combination of copper, indium, galli...
Formaldehyde-Free Phenolic Bio-Resins
BackgroundPhenol formaldehyde (PF) resins are synthetic polymers which have a market value of $10 billion globally per year. They are used in a wide variety of products, including coatings, adhesives, laminates, and engineered plastics, which comprise many household and industrial goods such as plywood, countertops, brake pads, and bearings. PF res...
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