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Force space navigation for robotics
This system is designed to provide spatial movement tracking and robotic end-effector positioning guidance without a secondary tracking system.Background:Computerized surgical navigation is increasing. Currently, joint replacement and neurosurgery are experiencing rapid growth in the development and clinical use of such systems, which provide impro...
Selective Brain Cooling Technology
BackgroundBrain cooling (hypothermia) has been shown to prevent brain injury (neuroprotection) from stroke, brain trauma and cardiac arrest in both animal models and patient studies. Currently, the main hurdles in the clinical application of hypothermia are: 1) most brain cooling methods also cool down the rest of the body with its associated compl...
Touch Point Finger Pad Digitizer
BackgroundSignificant advancements have been made in non-clinical surgical training simulations - virtual reality, robotics and computer simulations have enabled a wide range of skills to be practiced and tested. However, there is still significant interest in finding ways to monitor learning progress and confirm proficiency.A surgical trainee has ...
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