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Less Lethal Ammunitions for Peace Keeping


Extensive research has been conducted in Canada and abroad on crowd control methods that are effective and that provide the greatest degree of safety possible for both the public and the police.

For crowd control and peacekeeping missions there is both a need and pressure for less lethal ammunition. While there are alternative forms of less lethal ammunition on the market, Western researchers aimed to address the following issues: accuracy, material property changes in cold climates and the use of lead.

Description of the Invention:

Researchers at Western University have developed less lethal ammunition that addresses all the above criteria. Unlike other products that become rigid, and in fact lethal, in cold temperatures, this ammunition maintains its properties.

Two types of projectiles have been developed and tested: the handgun projectile (20-gauge) and the long-gun projectile (12-gauge).

Potential Advantages:

• Improved accuracy over other less lethal ammunitions tested
• Maintenance of properties at very low temperatures
• High damping properties to ensure proper energy transfer to the body
• Projectile is set to a velocity that ensures proper deflection of thorax without serious injuries
• The dynamic structure of the projectiles prevents penetration and ensures optimum performance in all climate conditions

Potential Applications:

• Peacekeeping
• Defense
• Security
• Crowd control

Patent / Development Status:

US Patent 7,614,349 issued, Canadian Patent application in prosecution.

Patent Information:

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