• Formi 3DP Inc.

    Founded in 2016, Formi 3DP Inc. Formi 3DP Inc. is a leader in functional 3D printing resins and 3D printing technology development. Formi’s proprietary i3DP resin system enables new material functions such as metallization, biocompatability, antimicrobial, and magnetism to 3D printed objects.

  • Precision Proteomics

    Precision Proteomics is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company commercializing a novel platform for the development of next-generation precision medicines. Precision’s technology can systematically and quantitatively profile activations of key signal pathways that drive pathogenesis and the development of resistance to therapy.

  • Ensyn

    Ensyn produces biocrude from forest and agricultural residues using its proprietary thermal technology. Ensyn is now building out its production capacity for a broader commercialization of heating fuels and for the production of low carbon feedstocks for petroleum refineries in an application known as Refinery Co-processing.

  • KGK Science

    KGK Science provides high-quality clinical research trials and expert regulatory support for the nutraceutical, cannabis and hemp industries. For over 22 years, we have successfully helped hundreds of companies with custom designed clinical trials and claim substantiation strategies to move products efficiently into global markets.

  • CVD Diamond Corporation

    Since 1998 CVD Diamond Corporation has used proprietary technology for diamond coating to produce the highest quality Diamond Coated End Mills available on the market today. These high quality diamond cutting tools are used in machining graphite, machining carbon fiber, machining ceramics in the green state and in the machining of composite materials.

  • RenixUIX™

    RenixUIX™ is the world’s only steady state ion exchange system. Unlike traditional ion exchange, patented RenixUIX™ uses just one adsorption vessel combined with steady-state, uninterrupted resin regeneration.

  • LifeLike BioTissue

    Founded in London, Ontario, Canada, LifeLike BioTissue has been providing realistic surgical simulators to facilitate and increase the quality and ease of surgical skills training for over a decade.

  • DQE Instruments

    The detective quantum efficiency (DQE) is recognized by industry leaders and regulators as the only standard measure of x-ray detector performance. The DQE describes the difference between high-performance and low-performance systems

  • Enable Imaging Technologies Inc.

    Borne from the licensing of the carotid imaging technology developed by David Spence and Aaron Fenster, Enable Imaging Technologies Inc. is a private Canadian company focused on the development of accessible and inexpensive hardware and software tools that transition qualitative 2D imaging technologies into dynamic 3D images with full quantitative metrics.

  • SunWash Technologies Inc.

    SunWash Technologies Inc. is a world leader in photocatalytic self-cleaning polymers. SunWash Technologies works to provide simple, rapid and cost-effective material solutions that enable our customers and partners to deliver high-quality products, services and enhance efficiency.

  • Cotinga Pharmaceuticals Inc.

    Cotinga Pharmaceuticals Inc. operates as a biopharmaceutical company. The company discovers drug therapies for cancer treatment. Cotinga Pharmaceuticals develops drug candidates that inhibit mechanisms implicit in cancer cell survival.

  • Aufero Medical Technologies

    Aufero Medical Technologies have developed a device for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmia. The device will maintain contact force at a specified level during the procedure, reducing arrhythmia recurrence and repeat surgery.

  • Data Infusion Intelligence Inc.

    Data Infusion Intelligence Inc. (DAIN²) is a platform created by the Faculty of Engineering at Western University. The platform aids businesses in visualizing, monitoring, understanding, and controlling their processes.

  • CellAdore Skin Health Inc.

    CellAdore Skin Health Inc.’s mission is to develop, manufacture and distribute premium products to consumers to enhance and maintain their skin health. Their vision is to be the trusted brand for skin health products developed based on rigorous scientific evidence.

  • Agri-Therm Inc.

    Agri-Therm Inc. is a Canadian company developing commercial mobile reactor technology for the production of biofuels and valuable chemicals from agricultural residues. The company operates a pilot plant at a shared research facility with the Institute for Chemicals and Fuels from Alternative Resources (ICFAR) and The University of Western Ontario.