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The WORLDiscoveries market has several consumer ready products meeting a variety of needs.


The Assessment of Interprofessional Team Collaboration Scale II (AITCS-II) is a diagnostic instrument to assist health care teams in practice to determine how well they are collaborating in their teamwork. It can also be used to measure change impact on a team.

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Circles of Care

Brought to you by Dr. Carole Orchard and the Interprofessional Health Education and Research (IPHER) team at Western University, Circles of Care is an innovative interprofessional education (IPE) game that helps learners gain skills in working within a collaborative interprofessional team.

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Employee Commitment Survey

Based on the Three-Component Model (TCM) of commitment (Meyer & Allen, 1992; 1997), the TCM Employee Commitment Survey measures three forms of employee commitment to an organization: desire-based, obligation-based and cost-based.

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The Fourth R

A program designed to include students, teachers, parents, and the community in reducing violence and risk behaviours. Relationship skills can and should be taught in the same way as reading, writing, and arithmetic, and therefore we refer to the classroom-based curriculum as the Fourth R (for Relationships).

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Ling 6(HL) Test

The Ling 6(HL) test (v2.0) provides calibrated, pre-recorded Ling 6 sounds (m, u, a, i, sh, s) for use in measuring unaided or aided thresholds. They are typically used to measure aided thresholds for hearing aids, bone anchored hearing devices, or other assistive hearing technologies.

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Math Surprise

Math Surprise is an online resource for coding and mathematics curriculum with books, workshops and games for teaching math and code to kids in grades K-10. Each product comes with a detailed lesson plan & powerful instructional strategies.

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The Toolkit to Enhance and Assist Maximizing Team Collaboration (TEAMc) for established teams. TEAMc helps to deliver patient-centred care in a participatory, collaborative and coordinated approach to shared decision making around health and social issues.

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