Technology Transfer and Business Development

Working With Our Partners, Bringing Innovation to Market

Tech Transfer & Business Development Office

As a result of a strong partnership between Western University, Robarts Research Institute, and Lawson Health Research Institute (collectively known as the Partners), our office, WORLDiscoveries®, has been established.

We leverage our extensive industry connections, specialized market knowledge, and expertise in business development to support researchers and local inventors in commercializing their discoveries. Our primary avenues for achieving this are licensing opportunities and establishing new company startups.

WORLDiscoveries functions as a dedicated department within Western University, ensuring seamless collaboration and comprehensive support for our innovators.

If you have a groundbreaking innovation that you would like to disclose to our office, we invite you to visit our “Our Process” page. There, you will find detailed information on how to proceed. For additional insights, our “Frequently Asked Questions” page may provide helpful answers. Should you have any immediate inquiries or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

We are excited to work with you and help bring your ideas to life.

Western University Canada
Robarts Research Institute
Lawson Health Research Institute

Our Process


01 Disclosure

The first step of our commercialization process is to submit a Report of Innovation (ROI)…


02 Assessment

Our team quickly assesses the strength of its market potential and considers a strategy for intellectual property protection…


03 Protection

To successfully deliver your innovation to the market, we are committed to directing approved innovations to companies…


04 Marketing

We combine your leading-edge discovery with our skills, experience and knowledge to turn your research into a marketable product…


05 Agreements

We are focused on a beneficial working relationship and will legally represent your innovation…


06 Compliance

Executing an agreement is only the first step…

Our Success






Licenses Executed


Active Licenses


Active Spin-off Companies


Direct to Market Sales

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