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WORLDiscoveries offers a suite of specialized programs to nurture innovation and facilitate translating academic research into real-world solutions. Our comprehensive approach supports various participants from the dynamic Southwestern Ontario innovation ecosystem.

  • Western Medical Innovation Fellowship: This fellowship is open to researchers, clinicians, and academic professionals keen on translating medical research into intellectual property. It provides a collaborative environment to work with technology transfer offices and industry leaders to navigate the pathway from discovery to market.
  • WE-Empower!: Explicitly designed for self-identifying women who are either graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, or members of the Western University faculty. This program is perfect for those eager to network with industry leaders and who possess research or ideas they wish to develop further. It offers mentorship and entrepreneurship training, focusing on research commercialization and intellectual property protection.
  • Proteus Innovation Competition: Open to any individual over 18, the Proteus Innovation Competition is a four-month initiative that challenges participants to create a viable commercialization strategy for promising technologies. It’s ideal for innovative thinkers ready to pitch their ideas to bring them to life.
  • Graduate Student Innovation Scholars: This scholarship is available to any Western or Ivey graduate student from any discipline. Applicants should have a track record of successfully achieving team goals, be eager to connect with and learn from industry-leading professionals, and possess strong writing and creative problem-solving skills.
  • IP Strategy Boot Camp: This boot camp is aimed at inventors, creators, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and startup founders based in Southwestern Ontario, as well as all faculty and students at Western. It’s tailored for those interested in learning about managing and commercializing intangible assets, with a focus on developing a robust IP strategy for their projects.

Each program at WORLDiscoveries is strategically structured to provide knowledge, tools, and networking opportunities, enabling participants to transform their innovative ideas into impactful societal contributions. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a dedicated researcher, or a visionary innovator, these programs offer the support and guidance necessary to achieve significant business and academic milestones.

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Western Medical Innovation Fellowship

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WE-Empower! Program

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Proteus Innovation Competition

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Graduate Student Innovation Scholars

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IP Strategy Boot Camp

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