About Us

WORLDiscoveries® is the business development arm of London’s extensive research network and the bridge between local invention and global industry.

Born out of a partnership between Western University, Robarts Research Institute and Lawson Health Research Institute (collectively known as the Partners), WORLDiscoveries draws upon a mix of industry connections, sector-specific market knowledge and business development expertise to help researchers and local inventors commercialize their discoveries through licensing and new company spin-offs.

WORLDiscoveries operates as a department of Western University.

In delivering this value proposition, WORLDiscoveries will be a material contributor to the sustained financial health and vitality of London’s Research Row and the community.

London’s Research Row is a new concept used to describe a geographical band home to many of London’s research-based institutions. The Row, which employs nearly 2,000 researchers and conducts over $330 million in research annually, runs in a notional straight line from Western’s Research Park, London Health Sciences Centre – University Hospital (LHSC), Robarts, St. Joseph’s Hospital, south to the Children’s Health Research Institute and London Regional Cancer Program located at LHSC, Victoria Hospital and Parkwood Hospital.

More importantly, WORLDiscoveries seeks to:

  • Remain one of the top five business development offices in Canada
  • Substantially increase the number of spin-off companies in the region
  • Reinforce WORLDiscoveries and Research Row as a preeminent commercialization centre in North America
  • Commit to meaningful and action-driven considerations of equity, diversity, inclusion, and decolonization 

WORLDiscoveries represents a new and exciting means of bringing local knowledge and invention to the global market and the global market to our local economy.

Our team is responsible for the following:

  • Identifying, protecting and promoting promising discoveries and technologies generated at Western, Robarts & Lawson;
  • Guiding and assisting inventors in exercising value-added technology development strategy and exploring commercialization funding opportunities;
  • Negotiating and closing licensing deals with industrial partners committed to developing Western, Robarts & Lawson inventions.

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2022 Annual Report

To view our 2023 annual report, click here.

Our Vision

A mutually beneficial market-focused partnership for every innovation in the WORLDiscoveries portfolio.

Our Mission

WORLDiscoveries strives to:

Encourage and promote a culture of innovation at its partner institutions; and Identify and facilitate the protection, development and timely transfer of research products and services for the use and benefit of the partner institutions, their members and society.

Our Values

  • Exceptional Client Service
  • Integrity
  • Education and Engagement
  • Solutions Orientated
  • Collaboration

EDID Statement

We seek to foster a diverse membership that reflects the broader community WORLDiscoveries serves.

View our equity, diversity, inclusion and decolonization statement.

Commercialization Mandate

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