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WORLDiscoveries® exists to bring inventions to market. The business development arm of Western University, Robarts Research Institute and Lawson Health Research Institute is privileged to be representing one of the largest research-intensive centres in North America.

WORLDiscoveries works with various industry verticals to help overcome their technical challenges and/or open new and exciting market opportunities. Our team is dedicated to helping the industry, and the inventor(s) find the solution that could make a difference to a company and a community.

We invite you to check out our technologies and spin-off companies to determine if a fit exists between one of our inventions and one of your market needs. If you are still looking for what you are looking for, contact a member of our team to determine whether a WORLDiscoveries researcher could provide a customized solution to your company’s technology needs.

Licensing Process

WORLDiscoveries is passionate about its offerings, persistent in pursuing market opportunity and committed to generating a fair return to its research clients, industry and institutional partners, and the community.

We are excited to work with your company to bring London’s innovative technologies to the world.

Browse our technologies to see if any of our current offerings meet your company’s needs, or contact our team to find out if your unique technology need can be met by a WORLDiscoveries researcher.

Suppose a WORLDiscoveries product attracts your company’s interest. In that case. In that case, our team will work hard to create a partnership that generates a fair return to you, our industry partner, as well as to our research and institutional partners and the community at large.

WORLDiscoveries researchers are subject to their institutions’ Intellectual Property (IP) policies, and the Western IP Policy is explained in conjunction with our process. Our team members from Robarts and Lawson are happy to discuss their institutions’ IP policies.

Contracts and Agreements

The Contract Research Team in Research Services handles contract research and the necessary agreements with partners and funding sponsors. WORLDiscoveries works with the Contract Research Team whenever intellectual property (IP) or commercialization enters the picture, which is common in the case of Non-Disclosure Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Material Transfer Agreements and Inter-Institutional Agreements.

Contact our Contract Research Team at 519-661-4254 or by email at, or visit the Research Services Contact Us page to find the correct contact at Research Services.

Our Process

Strategically, we follow a 6-step process in turning your innovations into profitable consumer-ready products.

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