2017 Annual Report


As a leading commercialization centre in Canada, WORLDiscoveries® is a significant contributor to the growing number of partnerships between academics and commerce, research and business, institutions and community.

WORLDiscoveries continues to work with an impressive team of private and public sector collaborators both locally and internationally who are committed to the timely transfer of innovative research products and services to the community for the benefit of all.


Quick facts:

35 patents issued

hands shaking
28 license agreements

$27 thousand in commercialization grants

dollar sign
$3.7 million in revenue

54 disclosures

148 active licenses

$1.7 million distributed to researchers


Our Team

Executive Director

Lisa Cechetto
Executive Director

International Operations

Ling Ting
Director, WORLDiscoveries Asia


Amy Dang
Project Coordinator

Engineering and Natural Sciences (ENS) & Social Innovation

Patrick Therrien
Senior Business Development Manager

Noshin Hashim
Business Development Officer


Life Sciences

Souzan Armstrong
Director, Business Development

Kirk Brown
Senior Business Development Manager

Tyler Lougheed
Business Development Manager

Patricia Pan
Business Development Manager

Johnathan Tran
Business Development Officer


Support Services

Nadine Weedmark
Manager, Intellectual Property & Admin

Jan Payne
Patent and Market Analyst

Thurman Sawyer
Agreements Advisor

Lori Lariviere
Program Coordinator

Bev Bailey
Administrative Officer

Andrea Pavez
Administrative Assistant

Jordan Flemming
Digital Marketing Manager



Board of Directors

John Capone, Chair
Western University

David Hill
Lawson Health Research Institute

Mike Irwin

Peter Johnson

Dwayne Martins
Western University

Marilyn Sinclair

Alex Weiner
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