Intellectual Property (IP)
Boot Camp


The IP Strategy Boot Camp is an intensive course divided into six 90-minute virtual sessions that cover various topics related to the management and commercialization of IP rights. Participants receive a certificate of completion at the end of the six-week program.

About the IP Strategy Boot Camp

The IP Strategy Boot Camp was developed in collaboration between Western’s Faculty of Law and WORLDiscoveries to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of how to protect and manage their intangible assets. This program is best suited for inventors, creators, entrepreneurs, and startup founders aiming to protect and commercialize their intangible assets through patents, trademarks, industrial design, copyright, and other types of intellectual property rights. This program is also ideal for students, staff, and faculty who are interested in learning about how to develop an IP strategy for their projects. This also provides a great networking opportunity for entrepreneurial minded individuals.

Enrollment is based on application and is limited to 30 participants. Upon attending all six sessions and completing the assignments, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Course Content & Delivery

October - November 2023 | 12:00 - 1:30 p.m. | Zoom Webinar

This session will discuss the role of intangible assets in the data-driven economy and introduce the various types of intellectual property rights. Participants will learn about the requirements for patent, copyright, trademarks and industrial design protection, and ways to protect their confidential information or trade secrets. The session will expose participants to practical examples on how different forms of IP rights intersect and overlap

This session will introduce participants to the freedom to operate concept and the rationale for adopting an IP strategy. Participants will learn about the structure of an IP strategy and its internal/external elements, including considerations for deciding between different forms of IP protection. The session will conclude with discussing the best practices in developing an IP strategy.

This session will first outline the various elements of an IP audit used to determine the potential IP assets owned, used or acquired. The process of conducting a due diligence review of intangible assets will be described with practical examples. This session will also cover the various methods for extracting economic value from intangible assets and the different factors that influence IP valuation.

This session will explore how individuals can transform ideas into commercially viable products and services. Various commercialization pathways will be covered, including selling the technology, joint ventures and partnering, public-private partnerships, assignment, and licensing. The session will specifically break down the assignment and licensing processes to provide practical considerations on how to pursue these methods of commercializing IP assets.

This session will explain the patent filling process and trademark registration requirements using hands-on activities. For each form of IP rights, considerations for pursuing transnational protection will be discussed as well as the associated costs and procedures.

This session will explore the challenges and impact of e-commerce on IP rights. The session will identify the common IP challenges related to the ownership and protection of digital platforms. The session will also explore ways to resolve potential conflicts between trademarks and domain names when several trademark owners want to acquire the same domain name, as well as the registration of domain names in bad faith.

Course topics and order of presentation are subject to change. 

Questions and Answers

No. The sessions are designed to be completed in a series. In order to receive the certificate of completion you must attend all six sessions.

The sessions are 90 minutes, the time commitment for the entire series is 9-10 hours.

Sessions will be interactive and delivered over Zoom. Participants will be introduced to hands-on activities and practical cases to better understand the content. Program participants will be given access to the weekly Zoom link and passcode.

No, the sessions follow a lecture format and there are no formal assignments.

Inventors, creators, entrepreneurs, small businesses and startup founders in Southwestern Ontario who are interested in learning about managing and commercializing their intangible assets.

All faculty and students at Western who are looking for information about how to develop an IP strategy for their project(s).

Yes, to receive the certificate of completion participants must attend all sessions.

The IP Strategy Boot Camp was designed by Professor Bassem Awad and is delivered by practitioners with extensive expertise in IP strategy and commercialization. For more info see the syllabus.

No, registration for the IP Strategy Boot Camp is free.

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