Innovating with Purpose

2023 Annual Report

Western University’s 150 strategic plan serves as our guiding light, igniting an unwavering commitment to innovation in education and research. This visionary plan strongly emphasizes active learning, pedagogical innovation, and the seamless integration of research into academic programs.

Our dedication to innovation is evident in the various initiatives we champion, empowering students to take ownership of their learning journey. We provide a fertile ground for growth, from research opportunities to experiential learning. We also cultivate innovation among our faculty and readily embrace emerging pedagogical technologies, ensuring we stay at the forefront of educational advancements.

WORLDiscoveries is a steadfast partner in this transformative journey, seamlessly connecting local inventions with the global industry. Born from a collaboration between Western University, Robarts Research Institute, and Lawson Health Research Institute, WORLDiscoveries is deeply committed to driving innovation, fostering growth in our local economy, and promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Together, Western University and WORLDiscoveries unite to champion progress, boldly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. In doing so, we inspire the next generation of innovators, ensuring a brighter future for all.

Quick Facts for the 2023 Fiscal Year

14 patents issued

47 active spin-off companies

hands shaking
29 license agreements

$300 thousand in commercialization grants

dollar sign
$7.48 million in revenue

50 disclosures

247 active licenses

$7.48 million distributed to researchers


Our Team

Executive Director

Souzan Armstrong
Executive Director

International Operations

Ling Ting
Director, WORLDiscoveries Asia

Ruby Zhao
Business Development Manager

Karinna Yu 
Business Development Officer

National Operations

Tristan Harrison
Business Development Manager

Kirk Brown
Senior Business Development Manager

Colin Macaulay
Business Development Manager

Support Services

Bev Bailey
Administrative Officer

Tyler Lougheed
Patent and Market Analyst

Nadine Weedmark
Manager, Intellectual Property & Admin

Thurman Sawyer
Agreements Advisor

Maria Varon
Digital Marketing Manager

Rebecca Gould
Project Coordinator

Board of Directors

David Muir, Chair
Western University

David Litchfield
Western University

David Hill
Lawson Health Research Institute

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