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Technology Transfer and Business Development

Working With Our Partners, Bringing Innovation to Market

    100 Collip Circle, Suite 105
    London, Ontario N6G 4X8
    t: 1.519.661.3903
    f: 1.519.850.2528

    Our Team

    WORLDiscoveries is the Business Development arm of London’s extensive research network and the bridge between local invention and global industry.

    Our technology transfer team is responsible for:

    • Identifying, protecting and promoting promising discoveries and technologies generated at Western, Robarts & Lawson;
    • Guiding and assisting inventors in exercising value-added technology development strategy and exploring commercialization funding opportunities;
    • Negotiating and closing licensing deals with industrial partners committed to developing Western, Robarts & Lawson inventions.

    Executive Director

    Lisa Cechetto

    Executive Director


    International Operations

    Ling Ting

    Director, WORLDiscoveries Asia


    Martin Couillard

    Business Development Manager


    Karinna Yu

    Business Development Officer


    Engineering & Natural Sciences

    Patrick Therrien

    Senior Business Development Manager


    Tamer Mohamed

    Business Development Manager

    +1.519.661.2111 x84597

    Noshin Hashim

    Business Development Officer

    +1.519.661.2111 x84594

    Life Sciences

    Souzan Armstrong

    Director, Business Development


    Kirk Brown

    Senior Business Development Manager

    +1.519.661.2111 x89096

    Colin Macaulay

    Business Development Manager

    +1.519.661.2111 x82969

    Patricia Pan

    Business Development Manager


    Saqib Sachani

    Business Development Officer

    +1.519.661.2111 x82434

    Rebecca Gould

    Project Coordinator

    +1.519.661.2111 x84733

    Support Services

    Nadine Weedmark

    Manager, IP & Administration


    Tyler Lougheed

    Patent and Market Analyst

    +1.519.661.2111 x82969

    Thurman Sawyer

    Agreements Advisor


    Bev Bailey

    Administrative Officer


    Jordan Flemming

    Digital Marketing Manager


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