Wireless Module with Power Amplifier

Tech ID: TP-W-BD-026


The MC13244 device is a programmable chip technology that can be used for real-time remote monitoring and control. The device supports ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 platform and is designed for a wide range of wireless applications such as commercial building automation and home entertainment control.

The MC13224 device provides a highly integrated, total solution with premier processing capabilities and very low power consumption at a low cost. The small footprint and advanced processing capabilities of this chip makes matching components easy, and helps designers get up and running quickly. Ultimately, this decreases time-to-market and overall system cost.

To do this, the MC13224 uses a low power, 2.4 GHz radio frequency transceiver and 32-bit ARM7 core based MCU to communicate with nearby connected devices. It does this by broadcasting a programmable output power from -30 dBm to +3 dBm, with an RX sensitivity of -96dBm. However, while some devices seeking to communicate with the MC13224 are capable of doing so within this output range, not all applications are capable of reaching this range of frequencies. This is a significant limitation of this technology. 

Description of Invention

In order to address the limitations of the current MC13244, an external power amplifier has been added to the device. This has the effect of increasing the range that the output power can be programmed and allows for a greater number of applications to reach and use the device. The new range is boosted to the range of -8dBm to +22dBm. To achieve this power amplification effect, a custom metal shield is attached to the wireless module of the MC13244. This helps establish better performance and increases anti-interference capability thereby strengthening its signal.

Potential Advantages

  • Ability to increase power output to +22 dBm
  • Optimizes performance of MC13224
  • Increase anti-interference capabilities
  • Compatible with current Awiatech Company modules
  • Easy integration to Awiatech Company systems
  • 40 pins provided for connection
  • Ability to turn off PA to save power when not in use

Potential Applications

  • Commercial building automation
  • Industrial control and monitoring
  • Home entertainment control
  • Smart energy

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