The Desired Sensation Level Multi-stage [i/o] Algorithm

Tech ID: TP-W-AD-005


The Desired Sensation Level: DSL [i/o] algorithm was released to manufacturers in the late 1990s in the form of a dynamic loadable/linked library (DLL). We appreciate your support and want you to know that the money that we have received from manufacturers in the form of license fees for the DLL is put back into research, development and technical support of the DSL algorithm. In 2004, the National Centre for Audiology at The University of Western Ontario released the Desired Sensation Level Multi-stage [i/o] Algorithm. The DSL m[i/o] algorithm is available to hearing instrument and real-ear measurement system manufacturers in the form of a DLL with the following features:

Multi-stage i/o

The DSL m[i/o] algorithm uses a multistage i/o approach to generate prescriptive targets. The multi-stage i/o approach prescribes the following 4 stages of performance: expansion, linear, WDRC and output limiting. Instrument-specific data can be used to define expansion and compression regions, or prescribed values can be generated. A more flexible data structure enables the use of 1/3-octave or audiometric interval frequencies, or a combination of data structures.

Object-oriented software design for implementation in various platforms including Windows 98/2000/NT/CE, Apple and Linux

  • ABR Threshold conversions 
  • New RECD norms for accurate infant fittings 
  • Binaural loudness summation and conductive hearing loss corrections 
  • Broad-band output limiting targets for appropriate headroom 
  • Valid targets for speech, pure-tones and speech-like stimuli 
  • Age-dependent sensation levels mean less gain for adults 
  • Target criteria for noisy listening environments 
  • Compression threshold and multichannel corrections 
  • Audiological and software implementation support

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