Copper-based Photovoltaic Nanocrystals for Thin-film Solar Cells

Improving efficiency while reducing cost is of paramount importance when it comes to solar cell research. Thin-film solar cells, at the cutting edge of solar cell technology, represent an exciting realm of photovoltaics which promises to do just this.

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Polymer Nanocomposites via a One-Step Synthesis Method

Our inventors have created some unique polymer nanocomposites which can be formed in one step! Specifically, they have synthesized polyethylene matrices containing silica or titania particles, using supercritical CO2 and acetic acid as the condensation agent. This novel method provides the advantages of combining the nanocomposite synthesis and drying into one-step which is tunable and eliminates worker exposure to the nanoparticles.


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Super-Hydrophobic and Super-Oleophobic Barrier Coating for Electronic Devices

The electronics industry aims to deliver flexible, lightweight and inexpensive electronic products to consumers. The absence of effective barrier technologies meeting the water permeability demands is the single largest technical hurdle preventing the widespread commercialization of products such as organic solar cells (OPV), disposable or wraparound displays, pressure sensitive sensors, touch screens and organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs).


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We work with a wide range of industry verticals to help overcome their technical challenges and/or open new and exciting market opportunities. Our team is dedicated to helping both industry and the inventor(s) find the solution that could make a difference to a company and a community.

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