Interprofessional Education Just Got More Fun

on April 20, 2015

There is a critical need for healthcare providers to enhance collaborative interprofessional team skills and Dr. Carole Orchard from Western University has created a fun and exciting way to improve these skills.

Circles of Care is an innovative interprofessional education (IPE) online game designed to help healthcare providers gain skills working in collaborative interprofessional teams. The game contains twelve patient/client cases from a variety of practice areas and the teams can play as many times as they wish.

In teams of two to four, with players ranging from four to ten within each team, team members work through case discussion questions about the patient, their environment and the possible interventions. There are four components of this interactive game, including “Brain Blitz” which tests facts based on interprofessional knowledge; “Everyone Plays” where all teams can participate with a winning team receiving a token; “Interaction” where a fun scenario can be completed as a team and lastly; “Be a Pro” which lets you approach the patient from the view of a particular health care professional.

Cases involve as many as 13 different health providers including audiologist, child and youth worker, clinical psychologist, dietitian, early childhood educator, nurse, occupational therapist, personal support worker, physician, physiotherapist, pharmacist, social worker and speech language pathologist. If this suits your profession, try a free demo of the game, where you can try out these exciting scenarios for a limited time. If you wish to access the full version, you can do so at only $49.95 today!

Interprofessional collaboration is gaining increasing prevalence as a team based approach to health care delivery, and building these skills maximizes the strength of each health professional in enhancing patient care, decreasing medical errors and optimizing efficiency.

Improving these favorable skills does not have to be so difficult and time confusing, in fact with this interactive game, it can be fun!
Dr. Carole Orchard, creator of Circles of Care, is an Associate Professor in the Family School of Nursing in Western University. She has an extensive background of research in the development of collaborative client-centre teamwork and interprofessional collaborative practice in health care teams. Her research interests additionally extends to the process in which students, faculty and health practitioners adopt to transform multidisciplinary to interprofessional collaborative practice. Her knowledge and passion for collaborative interprofessional team skills has enabled her to create this exciting, effective and innovative game for health care providers.

WORLDiscoveries® is excited to share with you this incredible innovative game that creatively combines efficiency in enhancing collaborative skills with a fun platform to achieve these skills. To learn more about Circles of Care, visit

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