News Release: Launch of AI powered platform seeks to match Canadian SMEs with business partners

on June 16, 2020

WORLDiscoveries® at Western University in partnership with the Centre for Advanced Computing and Queen’s University Partnerships and Innovation have launched a web platform designed to match small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with potential partners from around the world based on the expertise and fields of interest of both parties using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Canadian SMEs can quickly and accurately become matched to an international partner to help their business grow through investment, licensing, or distribution arrangements by creating a profile for their business on the platform. Potential business partners can be matched with SMEs that meet their criteria for partnership. Both SMEs and partners are screened before being admitted to the platform to ensure quality matches are made.

The development of the platform was funded by an Incremental Project Grant awarded to Western from the Government of Canada with the goal of promoting innovation and commercialization activities. The platform was imagined as an additional resource to promote Canadian SME partnerships with international partners to bolster the activities of WORLDiscoveries Asia, which serves as a gateway between Canada and Asia for international science collaboration and technology industrialization.

The development and launch of InnoVenture comes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. As traditional business development activities have been stymied by social distancing, business closures, and conference cancellations, InnoVenture allows for business development among Canadian SMEs and international partners to happen virtually.

The platform can be accessed by going to Canadian SMEs and business partners are encouraged to register.

About WORLDiscoveries: Born out of a partnership between Western University, Robarts Research Institute and Lawson Health Research Institute (collectively known as the Partners), WORLDiscoveries draws upon a mix of industry connections, sector-specific market knowledge and business development expertise, to help researchers and local inventors commercialize their discoveries through licensing and new company start-ups.

About the Centre for Advanced Computing (CAC): The CAC at Queen’s University specializes in secure, advanced computing resources and support for academic and medical clients. In addition to reliable, secure computing, CAC has been successful in delivering world-class research high performance computing environment, storage resources, and support to over 400 Canadian research groups, comprising some 2100 researchers working in a variety of fields.

About Queen’s Partnerships and Innovation (QPI): QPI supports the Research Portfolio’s mission to be an essential catalyst for advancing research and knowledge mobilization, strengthening Queen’s local, national and global impact.


“By combining our experience with the expertise from the Centre for Advanced Computing and the insights from the Partnerships and Innovation team at Queen’s, we were able to turn our vision into a reality. We are very excited to be able to offer this opportunity to our clients and look forward to a longstanding partnership with Queen’s.” – Lisa Cechetto, Executive Director, WORLDiscoveries

“The CAC is thrilled with this collaboration. The match-making AI engine we built into InnoVenture connects Canadian SMEs and investors in a user-friendly forum during a time that Canadian economy needs it the most.” – Chris MacPhee, Assistant Director of Operations, Centre for Advanced Computing


Media Contact:

Jordan Flemming, Digital Marketing Manager, WORLDiscoveries  or 519-661-3863

Julie Brown, Media Relations Officer, Queen’s University

ecommNews Release: Launch of AI powered platform seeks to match Canadian SMEs with business partners