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Cleaning is as Easy as Turning on a Light

on March 16, 2015

The concern over consuming contaminated food is a frequent worry among customers at restaurants, as many have gained a heightened awareness of Food borne illnesses.

79 million cases of Food borne illness in North America cost the Healthcare system $3.3 billion per year and a major source of these illnesses come from the floors of restaurants and food processing facilitation. Floors are a constant source of cross- contamination as they are moist, contain microorganisms that can survive a long time, they have high foot and vehicle traffic, food is often on them and people average 50 hand contacts per day.

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ecommCleaning is as Easy as Turning on a Light

London Find Makes Light Work of Cleaning Tasks

on September 17, 2013

A London firm is making cleaning as easy as turning on a light.

Sunwash Technologies has developed an additive for plastic coatings or paints to create a self-cleaning polymer surface for counters and floors.

The self-cleaning surface helps break down biological pollutants, oils, natural toxins, pesticides and other organic material when exposed to oxygen and light.

The material is being tested in food-processing plants in the London area.

“We think there’s a huge potential. Even though we have not marketed the product we have already had companies contact us,” said Dan Jenken, a Sunwash co-founder.

Jenken said the coating doesn’t replace normal cleaning but makes it easier and more effective. The self-cleaning surfaces are more environmentally friendly, reducing the need for harsh, toxic cleaning products.

The coatings don’t degrade or wear out after years of use. The stronger the light, the more effective the cleaning process.

Sunwash was born out of a public-private partnership.

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ecommLondon Find Makes Light Work of Cleaning Tasks