Cleaning is as Easy as Turning on a Light

on March 16, 2015

The concern over consuming contaminated food is a frequent worry among customers at restaurants, as many have gained a heightened awareness of Food borne illnesses.

79 million cases of Food borne illness in North America cost the Healthcare system $3.3 billion per year and a major source of these illnesses come from the floors of restaurants and food processing facilitation. Floors are a constant source of cross- contamination as they are moist, contain microorganisms that can survive a long time, they have high foot and vehicle traffic, food is often on them and people average 50 hand contacts per day.

There is a critical need to prevent contamination and protect public health from Food borne illnesses that can lead to hospitalization, and even death.

SunWash products use the power of light to degrade any organic pollutant that come into contact with the surface.

Dan Jenken, Patrick Therrien and Dr. Paul Charpentier, the co-founders of SunWash Technologies have developed a material which degrades biological material into water and carbon dioxide when exposed to the light. This self-cleaning surface aids in breaking down biological pollutants, oils, natural toxins, pesticides and other organic material, by simply being exposed to oxygen and light. The company has grown to become a world leader in photocatalytic self- cleaning polymers with their quality, innovative and one of a kind technology.

Cleaning truly is as easy as turning on a light.

WORLDiscoveries is proud to represent this distinctive innovation, standing strides ahead of other coating surfaces such as antimicrobial coatings. Antimicrobial coatings are effective against target microorganism, lose effectiveness over time, still require constant cleaning and are toxic to humans and can leach into foods. In comparison, SunWash coatings are effective against all organic species and chemicals, the surfaces are permanent, they provide a reduction in chemical usage and are 100% food safe.

The technology has multiple benefits by enhancing current sanitization and cleaning protocols, and minimizing the use of cleaning chemicals. Its superior performance is not only self cleaning and powered by light, yet it additionally enhances current cleaning protocol, reduces chemical usage, and is compatible with existing cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

Improving safe cleaning practices, safely and efficiently maintain sanitary conditions and cutting down on labor seems like a difficult feat to solve with the flick of the switch. Yet SunWash Technologies have intelligently created an innovative self- cleaning surface coating which promises these elements, by simply turning on a light.

ecommCleaning is as Easy as Turning on a Light