AUTM launches its Global Technology Portal

on February 9, 2012

The Association of University Technology Managers this week launched its much heralded web portal to facilitate networking, partnership and licensing deals among corporations and universities. The new Global Technology Portal (GTP) accelerates how universities and corporations are able to match available technologies with emerging market needs. the portal also helps quicken the pace of product development by making it much easier for corporations to identify potential university partners equipped with needed research capabilities.

“Companies have looked to AUTM for years to find the latest early stage academic innovations; this portal will provide an even easier way for companies to find the innovations and research capabilities they seek,” says AUTM President Robin Rasor, CLP, RTTP.

Laura Schoppe, RTTP, AUTM’s Vice President for Strategic Alliances and principal with Fuentek LLC, played a key role in developing the GTP. “I am excited about the future of the Global Technology Portal,” Schoppe comments. “This portal will help foster a community of collaboration that results in licensing technologies and developing valuable partnerships much more effectively and consistently.”

Though only AUTM members may post their information on the portal, searching for available technologies is open to anyone. Several universities that worked closely with AUTM during the portal’s deployment phase already have made their technologies and capabilities available, including the University of California System, University of Michigan, and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. The site already has attracted more than 2,000 users and nearly 4,000 available technologies. AUTM expects rapid growth as its membership begins to access the site (

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ecommAUTM launches its Global Technology Portal