Introducing InnoVerify™

on December 17, 2014

WORLDiscoveries® is thrilled to announce the launch of our proprietary innovative e-commerce / impact-tracking portal InnoVerify™―a secure, streamlined marketplace that expedites the delivery and access of all digital innovations to the public.

InnoVerify™ captures the essence of simplicity and security: it provides our academics and clients with direct access to a growing body of digital creative works, including pdfs, music, e-books, software, toolkits and membership access to restricted content. The portal will double as a gatekeeper and an e-commerce engine; with an integrative approach, InnoVerify™ will fuse the registration, payment and download processes into one cohesive program―allowing users instant, continuous access to digital creative works without delay.

With great enthusiasm, we envision InnoVerify™ as a leader in e-commerce. Our focus is twofold: we will not only strengthen commercial prospects and returns for innovators by delivering a rich collection of free and purchasable content to the public, but also fortify customer relations by simplifying the access to these groundbreaking digital technologies.

As our pilot initiative, InnoVerify™ has successfully compiled and delivered Dr. Meyer and Dr. Allen’s TCM Employee Commitment Survey. This grants public access to an innovation that measures various forms of employee commitment to any given organization―an important tool for company development.

InnoVerify™ has flourished with the addition of Dr. Orchard’s Circles of Care (an interactive cross-platform education game) and Dr. Orchard’s TEAMc – Toolkit to Enhance and Assist Maximizing Team Collaboration (a valuable team communication workshop program for health organizations and agencies). The next application will be to Dr. Kearn’s OSRM – Online Single-Pilot Resource Management―an online safety skills training program for general aviation. These exemplary innovations provide just a snapshot at the wide-range of possibilities for the future InnoVerify™ marketplace.

You may wonder how InnoVerify™ works and differs from e-commerce portals of the past. InnoVerify™ has revolutionized the digital marketplace for all parties involved. After innovators have created their digital content, WORLDiscoveries® will simply upload it to a secure server, and market it through a consistent, powerfully branded system for controlled distribution.

For each initiative, WORLDiscoveries® will oversee all branding and marketing, control access, web design, web analytics, financial tracking and the distribution of net funds. With ultimate control right at our fingertips, WORLDiscoveries® will reinforce brand integrity and identity by ensuring nothing less than precision to our growing clientele. This in turn will allow innovators ton continue doing what they do best; the development of further cutting-edge innovations.

InnoVerify™ is a milestone in functionality. Through the portal, innovators will have the luxury of monitoring consumer interest and uptake of their content. This lucrative feature provides a reliable measure of each innovation’s appeal, which will aid in further product development and maximum success rate.

Ready and in use, InnoVerify™ will revitalize the customer experience. Providing a one-stop shop, InnoVerify™ will establish a direct, user-friendly route to all digital downloads on each original site, without the nuisance of third-party services.

In the meantime, InnoVerify™ will serve as a thriving impact-tracking portal with a focus on improving public access to novel digital technologies and toolkits. As a marriage of simplicity and functionality, we believe that InnoVerify™ will complement the innovative technologies we endorse.

InnoVerify™ – Gateway to Secured Online Innovations

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