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TCM: An Effective Measure of Employee Commitment

on March 23, 2015

How committed are your employees? In measuring employee commitment to an organization, it is important to analyze three significant elements that can gain insight into commitment, including desire, obligation and cost. TCM has integrated these important dimensions of employee commitment to produce high-quality and effective employee surveys resulting in enhanced workplace satisfaction.

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ecommTCM: An Effective Measure of Employee Commitment

Introducing InnoVerify™

on December 17, 2014

WORLDiscoveries® is thrilled to announce the launch of our proprietary innovative e-commerce / impact-tracking portal InnoVerify™―a secure, streamlined marketplace that expedites the delivery and access of all digital innovations to the public.

InnoVerify™ captures the essence of simplicity and security: it provides our academics and clients with direct access to a growing body of digital creative works, including pdfs, music, e-books, software, toolkits and membership access to restricted content. The portal will double as a gatekeeper and an e-commerce engine; with an integrative approach, InnoVerify™ will fuse the registration, payment and download processes into one cohesive program―allowing users instant, continuous access to digital creative works without delay.

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ecommIntroducing InnoVerify™