Our New Look

on May 4, 2015

WORLDiscoveries® is thrilled to introduce our completely enhanced and user-friendly website that has been redesigned to highlight our accomplishments and showcase our startups and digital innovations. After extensive research on user preference regarding online navigation, we have designed a platform that is easy to use and provides all the necessary information sought by customers, innovators and researchers. Equipped with high quality graphics for an enhanced visual experience and designed with functionality across platforms, our website ensures optimal user experience while gaining full insight into our company online.

Our new website features a new responsive format constructed with Bootstrap (a sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development), enabling our visitors to easily engage with our site from any device including computer, mobile or tablet. Our customers, innovators and researchers have the capability to discover the incredible features of WORLDiscoveries at home, work, or even on the run!

User experience and usability have additionally been enhanced through a complete redesign of our website content layout. Users will no longer feel overwhelmed with dense information regarding our technological innovations and process, as the reconstructed website features a simplified and visually appealing arrangement of information. Our feature technologies have been carefully examined in showcasing their unique assets in an organized fashion to our users. The overall result is a transformed layout of our innovations, organized by our startups and digital innovations in an interactive illustration and clear-cut description highlighting WORLDiscoveries® impact as well. The new website currently highlights our influential startups such as EK3, SunWash, Renix and LifeLike BioTissue featured on our showcase page, alongside our incredible digital innovations such as Circles of Care, TCM, TEAMc and OSRM with many more to come.

A vital accomplishment in reconstructing our company website was to portray our company process in a visualization that assists users in understanding the totality of our service offerings.

WORLDiscoveries® utilizes a variety of methods and resources, drawing upon a mix of industry connections, sector- specific knowledge and business development expertise to help researchers and local inventors commercialize their discoveries through licensing and new company startups. Due to the diversification of expertise and knowledge in bridging the connection between local invention and global industry, it was necessary to illustrate the key steps involved in an easy-to-understand manner. Our process is thus newly highlighted through a sleek drop-down menu, providing the user with enough information at the forefront with an option to learn more if they desire. The steps are outlined through disclosure, assessment, protection, marketing, agreements and compliance. This six step process creates a quick outline of our path to commercialization. This will avoid any potential uncertainty regarding the WORLDiscoveries® process and provide both receptors and innovators an opportunity to understand how to proceed with their interest and the steps necessary to continue.

The rejuvenated website additionally features our proprietary web-based tool to package digital innovations for controlled distribution and secured accessibility: InnoVerify™. Our exclusive innovative e-commerce and impact tracking portal captures the essence of simplicity and security by providing academics and clients direct access to a growing body of digital creative works. We envision InnoVerify™ as a leader in e-commerce, and have begun with Dr. Orchard’s Circles of Care, an interactive cross-platform educational game, and Dr Orchard’s TEAMc – Toolkit to Enhance and Assist Maximizing Team Collaboration. Our web-based portal revitalizes the customer experience by providing a one-stop shop to direct user friendly digital downloads without the nuisance of a third- party service. Innovators benefit from this revolutionary portal by gaining the luxury of monitoring consumer interest and uptake of their content. The improved website highlights the incredible features of InnoVerify™ through an interactive Prezi presentation, guiding users through the process and benefits of the portal in a captivating user experience.

Information regarding our previous fiscal year is presented on our website through statistics, ensuring an all-encompassing summary of our financial standing. The 2014 Annual Report is presented to potential customers, innovators and researchers on our company page, providing access to a snapshot overview of our accomplishments.

Explore the revitalized and refreshingly new WORLDiscoveries® website and engage with the transformative features of the company by visiting today!

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