Innovators’ summer camp comes to London for week

on June 3, 2015

Kids who dream about becoming the next famous inventor, take note: a summer camp with a mission to inspire creativity and innovation in youth is coming to London.

Future Design School, a Toronto agency, is teaming up with Western’s Ivey Business School and TechAlliance to run an entrepreneurship camp in July.

“Entrepreneurship is something we should encourage in kids,” said Sarah Prevette, the founder of Future Design School who is originally from London.

The camp involves an intensive one-week startup experience open to pupils in grades six to eight. Kids attend camp with an idea and get guidance from entrepreneurs to bring the idea to life.

In past programs, some kids in Toronto have designed a filtration system for water and created new wheels for skateboards.

The idea of the camp is to help kids identify what they’re passionate about, Prevette said, and “bringing that idea into fruition and actually creating a mock-up around it.”

The kids will work with their hands. “What we really want them doing is to be out there building things, experimenting, testing and actually getting ready to pitch their final prototype to families and friends.”

Getting the kids to show their final mock-ups to their family may inspire them to continue with a similar project on their own, Prevette said.

“We hope that the camp is inspirational.”


What: Future Design School, a summer camp that teaches kids to become entrepreneurs

Who: Kids in grades six to eight

Where: Ivey Business School

When: July 20 to July 24

Source: The London Free Press

ecommInnovators’ summer camp comes to London for week