Medical Innovation Fellowships Application Open

on February 15, 2016

The Western Medical Innovation Fellowship – the first-of-its-kind in Canada – was established in partnership with the University of Minnesota Innovation Fellows program in 2015. Highly qualified individuals with an engineering, computer science or life sciences doctoral or medical degree are sought to take part in this 10 month intensive training and hands-on program. You will have the opportunity to work in a team to identify unmet clinical needs and learn how to evaluate them from a business perspective. Designing, prototyping and testing your solutions to these needs in collaboration with clinicians/faculty members while under the guidance of expert community mentors will round out your fellowship experience.

“As a young clinician, I am certain that the ongoing education I receive in the Western Innovation Fellows Program will be invaluable to my future career. This experience has given me the opportunity to take my creative passion to innovate and apply it to medical devices, bridging the communicative gap between medicine, engineering, business and commercialization.”
– John Matheson

“The Medical Innovation Fellowship has offered me tremendous opportunities thus far, by merging my engineering experience with the business and medicine domains. The training I’ve received alone has been invaluable; as it allows for translation of that knowledge through commercialization, which is where you can make a true impact on society.”
– Asha Parketh

“This intense program, encourages and facilitates invention, patenting and commercialization of medical devices. It has also been a great opportunity to immerse myself within the clinic and engage with many clinicians and scientists in attempt to address significant clinical needs”
– Ali Tavallaei

ecommMedical Innovation Fellowships Application Open