Western University Professor Releases Medical “Study Buddy” App

on March 4, 2016

A new and exciting medical app has been released! Written by physicians, it targets current medical students and works as a “study buddy”. It makes the perfect study buddy, as it is portable, knowledgeable and ready to study at all hours of the day when you need to.

The Family Medicine Study Guide app was created by Dr. Daniel Leger, who is currently an assistant professor of family medicine and an academic program director at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University. The app aims to assist current medical students in preparation for medical examinations and courses, along with allowing them to track their studying progress. Their philosophy is: “effective teaching must involve active and experiential learning”, and that is exactly what this app achieves. It provides an interactive and “thinking outside of the box” style of learning. The app currently offers 50 original case studies and over 250 questions to help guide and assist studying.

Medical App

There are three aspects that make this app unique:
1. The ability to learn through application. Students can learn by doing, through the numerous case studies, and by diagnosing and managing common conditions.

2. The inclusion of “Clinical Pearls” to emphasize key learning points. Each case includes a few Clinical Pearls that offer quick reminders and tricks to help with memorization.

3. The Ability to test yourself with “Rapid Fire” questions. Rapid-fire questions quiz you on random topics to improve spontaneous recall.

The app also includes many other features such as:
• 99 Family Medicine Topics Checklist to help track your studying progress
• Ability to flag topics or questions that require further study
• Clinical Notepad to help track and save your acquired knowledge and study tips
• Links to key educational resources and to all Major Canadian Practice Guidelines

The app is currently available for download at either the App Store or Google play. This is a non-profit app, as all proceeds will go towards the app’s sustainability and charities around the world. Improve your educational experience, while also improving the world around you.

For more information and to try out some test questions, check out their website.

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