Western Founders Network

on February 24, 2017

Western University takes pride in the various clubs, programs and conferences that are designed to help students succeed in their professional careers upon graduation. The wide array of organizations and events at the University help students foster their innovative ideas, develop skills and gain connections to industry leaders.

The Western Founders Network is one that is also part of the broader entrepreneurship ecosystem in London. It can be considered Western University’s premier student-led business and technology organization that aims to cultivate a community of entrepreneurial-minded individuals. Launched in 2013 and with over 350 members, the club is for anyone interested in business, technology and entrepreneurship.

The network is led by a diverse team of students majoring in a multitude of disciplines who share a common passion for technology and programming. As a community that is invested in growth and development, the network is committed to building bridges between the students at Western University and their startup ideas through robust outreach and engaging educational activities.

The network has three pillars:

  • Education – focused on coding and learning about new technologies and upcoming trends.
  • Entrepreneurship – aimed at introducing members to the prospect of innovation and catalyzing their involvement in entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • Industry – seeks to help students break into a professional workplace environment by building meaningful relationships with fellow students and various major partners including Microsoft, IBM and Propel.

Whichever pillar a student chooses to focus on, the club offers various events, workshops, seminars, competitions and opportunities to help improve their skills and knowledge in various biz-tech industries. The mission of the network is to help students achieve practical technical skills, network with industry professionals and develop leadership capabilities.

The Western Founders Network has proven to facilitate a community that explores interesting and unique business concepts. The organization operates throughout the school year and is open to all Western University students. To get involved or find out more, click here.

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