WORLDiscoveries ranks 6th in Canada for tech transfer revenues

on January 21, 2021

In their latest report which analyzes data from fiscal year 2018, AUTM ranks WORLDiscoveries and our partners (Western, Lawson and Robarts) 6th in Canada in terms of gross revenues. This boosts WORLDiscoveries up one place from the 2017 report where we ranked 7th in Canada. This report highlights that WORLDiscoveries remains one of the most successful technology transfer and business development offices in Canada when compared to our peer institutions.

“We are pleased with our AUTM rankings this year as it demonstrates our drive for achieving excellence. We will continue to build on our success in generating revenue and broaden our reach while building vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystems,” said Souszan Armstrong, Acting Executive Director for WORLDiscoveries. “We aim to continually remain in the top 10 list for AUTM rankings and strive for that 1st place spot in future.”

AUTM is a professional association for technology transfer professionals and supports the development of academic research and its timely transfer to the public. The association has over 3,000 members and works with 800 research institutions worldwide.

AUTM invited 70 Canadian institutions — universities and colleges, hospitals and research institutions, national laboratories and third-party technology investment firms — to participate in the AUTM 2018 Canadian Licensing Activity Survey. AUTM received 32 completed surveys, for a response rate of 46%.

The top 10 institutions by gross revenue from the report are outlined below:

Institution Name Program Start Research Expenditures Total Licenses Gross Licence Income Disclosures New Patent Applications
University of Saskatchewan 1990 $203,430,358 8 $16,992,839 50 43
University of Toronto (excluding affiliated hospitals) 1980 $481,878,023 35 $9,120,560 165 79
McMaster University, Hamilton Health Science 1987 $358,111,824 115 $7,122,312 94 45
University of British Columbia 1984 $657,989,649 85 $6,137,179 127 81
University Health Network 1998 $403,573,961 94 $4,674,979 102 20
Western, Lawson and Robarts 1995 $256,654,305 33 $4,205,083 50 12
The Hospital for Sick Children 1985 N/A 36 $4,157,713 52 5
McGill University 1990 $431,046,192 22 $3,989,683 108 62
Université de Montréal 1990 $403,519,000 19 $3,834,103 100 60
Queen’s University 1984 $150,723,000 6 $2,286,775 59 32

To learn more about WORLDiscoveries, our key metrics and some of our success stories be sure to check out our annual reports.


AUTM report titled AUTM Canadian Licensing Activity Survey: 2018, A Survey Report of Technology Licensing (and Related) Activity.

ecommWORLDiscoveries ranks 6th in Canada for tech transfer revenues