Celebrating Women Innovators and Research Commercialization: Announcing the Winners of the WE-Empower! Program Fund

on June 28, 2023

By: Maria Varon, WORLDiscoveries

We are delighted to announce the exceptional winners of the WE-Empower! Program Fund, a groundbreaking initiative developed by WORLDiscoveries. This transformative program has successfully concluded its inaugural round, showcasing self-identifying women’s immense talent and potential in research commercialization.

Exceptional Grant Recipients

The WE-Empower! Program Fund offers two $50,000 grants to WE-Empower! participants who are on the leading edge of research innovation. These grants allow the winners to begin their journey toward research commercialization. This year’s distinguished grant recipients are Meagan Furnivall and Erin Iredale.

Meagan is a Registered Midwife and Clinical Research Lead for the London Health Sciences Centre Department of Midwifery. Meagan’s project focuses on developing groundbreaking technology to enhance the safety and experience of skin-to-skin contact during cesarean birth.

Dr. Erin Iredale holds a Ph.D. in Medical Biophysics CAMPEP from Western University. Erin leads a dedicated team of researchers focused on discovering novel electrotherapeutic strategies for treating aggressive brain cancers in both adult and pediatric patients. Erin will continue her journey with Western as a recently appointed Postdoctoral Fellow.

Empowering Women in the Innovation Landscape

The WE-Empower! program, developed by WORLDiscoveries, is a free eight-month mentorship and educational program designed to unite innovative and entrepreneurial individuals who self-identify as women. WE-Empower! covers topics such as entrepreneurship, research commercialization, and Intellectual Property protection.

By providing support and training from expert industry leaders and our WORLDiscoveries business development professionals, WE-Empower! aims to promote the development of new innovations.  

Phase I: Ideation (September to December)

During this initial phase, participants engage in educational seminars and panel discussions led by esteemed industry experts. They gain invaluable insights into various aspects of business development, including entrepreneurship, intellectual property strategy, market research, and business planning. Equipped with newfound knowledge and valuable connections, participants begin their journey toward technology transfer and research commercialization.

Phase II: Innovation (January to April)

In Phase II, participants translate the knowledge acquired in Phase I into action by applying it to their innovative projects. With unwavering support from the WORLDiscoveries team, they explore funding opportunities and transform their groundbreaking ideas into commercially viable ventures. The program fosters a collaborative and supportive environment that empowers participants to navigate the complexities of bringing their research to the market.

Inspiring a Brighter Future

The exceptional talent, dedication, and entrepreneurial spirit demonstrated by the grant winners Erin and Meagan is truly inspiring. Their innovative projects will drive positive change in the innovation ecosystem. The achievements of Meagan Furnivall, Erin Iredale, and their fellow participants exemplify the program’s commitment to empowering women in research commercialization and technology transfer. With access to invaluable resources and a nurturing environment, these women are poised to impact and shape a brighter future for all significantly.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners of the WE-Empower! Program Fund and express our deepest gratitude to everyone who has supported this remarkable initiative.

ecommCelebrating Women Innovators and Research Commercialization: Announcing the Winners of the WE-Empower! Program Fund