Meet Our Team: Celine Nanan – Driving Innovation in the Medical Field

on July 26, 2023

By: Maria Varon. WORLDiscoveries

Emerging professionals with unique expertise and passion stand out in the dynamic medical device and health technology innovation landscape. Celine Nanan, a project coordinator at WORLDiscoveries, is one such individual who is making a significant contribution in this field. With her dedication, knowledge, and enthusiasm, Celine is helping support program transformation in innovation and entrepreneurship.

A Journey of Excellence:

Celine’s path to becoming a project coordinator and a core member of the WORLDiscoveries team has been defined by outstanding achievements. Celine has a B.A. in Health and Society from York University and a Certification in Human Resources from Trent University. With a strong educational background and understanding of medical innovation, she has consistently demonstrated her commitment to building positive relations within the team, the research community, and beyond. 

Reflecting on her journey, Celine warmly recalls, “My education nurtured me for this role because it granted me a profound understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship, intertwined with a lens focused on health and community.” Her educational experiences have served as a solid foundation and empowered her to thrive in her current position at WORLDiscoveries.

Transforming the Medical Innovation Fellowship Program:

As the project coordinator for the Medical Innovation Fellowship Program, Celine is a key contributor and support for the programming that is seeking to shape the future of medical device and health technology innovation in Canada. Her in-depth understanding of the program’s objectives and exceptional organizational skills ensure the smooth execution of this transformative training experience offered at WORLDiscoveries.

“I felt like a perfect fit with the WORLDiscoveries team,” Celine says. Her passion for the organization’s mission and alignment with its values have fostered a strong sense of belonging and purpose. When reflecting on her team, “We have so many new minds and a great team of professionals. Our programming team has been making many changes, and I’m looking forward to new and exciting directions,” she shares. Through her efforts, she has aided in creating a network of professionals dedicated to driving advancements in innovation and technology.

Future Achievements and Beyond:

Her dedication, creativity, and commitment to excellence greatly contribute to the success of our organization and the broader medical innovation community. Her contributions are highly valued, and we have no doubt that she will continue to make a lasting impact in her field.

Celine Nanan’s exceptional work as a project coordinator at WORLDiscoveries has positioned her as a key figure in helping advance medical innovation. Her education, passion, and alignment with the organization have made her an invaluable team member.

ecommMeet Our Team: Celine Nanan – Driving Innovation in the Medical Field