A Fond Farewell to Bev Bailey: Celebrating a Decade of Dedication at WORLDiscoveries

on November 30, 2023

By Maria Varon, WORLDiscoveries

As the new year dawns, we embrace a season of change in the world around us and within WORLDiscoveries as we prepare for a significant transition. We bid a fond farewell to Bev Bailey, our esteemed Administrative Officer, as she embarks on the well-deserved journey of retirement after a remarkable decade of service.

Bev joined the WORLDiscoveries team in December 2013, bringing a rich tapestry of experience in administration, finance, and human resources. Over the years, her role evolved beyond the confines of her job description, making her an indispensable part of the WORLDiscoveries team.

“Bev has been the heart and soul of our office. Her dedication and warmth made WORLDiscoveries not just a workplace, but a community,” Nadine Weedmark, IP, and Administration manager, reflects. Her approachable nature and unwavering support have been a cornerstone of our office culture, fostering a sense of belonging and teamwork.

Souzan Armstrong, the Executive Director of WORLDiscoveries, speaks highly of Bev’s contributions: “Working alongside Bev has been an absolute privilege. Her professionalism and kindness have left an indelible mark on all of us. Her ability to manage complex tasks with a smile has been inspiring.”

Bev’s journey at WORLDiscoveries is dotted with numerous achievements. Her expertise in streamlining administrative processes and her knack for problem-solving have significantly enhanced our operational efficiency. “During the pandemic, our team’s resilience and adaptability were remarkable. We found new ways to collaborate and keep our spirits high,” Bev says, praising the team’s adaptability and unity.

As we bid Bev farewell, we celebrate her past contributions and her lasting impact on our future. “Her ten years at WORLDiscoveries have been a testament to her unwavering commitment and exceptional leadership,” Souzan adds. Bev’s legacy is of excellence, compassion, and an unrelenting pursuit of innovation and growth.

In retirement, Bev looks forward to embracing new adventures. “I plan to spend my retirement travelling, enjoying the great outdoors, and making precious memories with my two boys, husband, and dog. I’m also excited about my trips with my sister and niece. It’s time to explore and cherish every moment,” shares Bev, with a twinkle in her eye that speaks of future adventures.

We wish Bev a retirement journey filled with the same joy and fulfillment she brought to our team. Her dedication, mentorship, and friendship will be dearly missed, but her influence will continue to resonate within the halls of WORLDiscoveries.

Thank you, Bev, for a decade of remarkable service, laughter, lessons, and unwavering support. You will be greatly missed, but your legacy will forever be a part of our story.

ecommA Fond Farewell to Bev Bailey: Celebrating a Decade of Dedication at WORLDiscoveries