Lawson Impact Awards celebrates research making a difference

on May 2, 2017

Off­site – With nearly 300 guests in attendance, health research was celebrated at the fourth annual Lawson Impact Awards on Wednesday, April 19 at the London Convention Centre.

The Lawson Impact Awards celebrates hospital-based research that makes a difference by advancing scientific knowledge and applying it directly to patient care. With awards in seven categories, the annual event honours Lawson scientists, staff, trainees and partners who demonstrate excellence.

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ecommLawson Impact Awards celebrates research making a difference

Firm to 3D print body repair parts

on April 21, 2017
Matt Parkes handles a bleach-white model of a skull, held together by what looks like steel plates fastened around its eye socket.

It is a model of a skull rebuilt after a massive car crash. Parkes, the technical manager at Adeiss, London’s newest medical devices company, credits the plates with enabling the rebuilding of the face and the life of the person to whom it belongs.

Now, that technology is available in London. Adeiss will be unveiled at a news conference today as a new business that will provide 3D printing solutions to the health-care sector, including surgeons who need a plate for a skull fracture.

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ecommFirm to 3D print body repair parts

What use is that?

on April 7, 2017

In order to acquire a patent for an alleged invention, it must be novel and unobvious and useful.

Two of our previous articles, “The first rule of inventor fight club” and “Publishing and patenting” have focused on the novelty requirement of patentability.

Another previous article, “Is it obvious? That’s a tricky question”, focused on the unobviousness requirement. This article will explore the “useful” requirement.

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ecommWhat use is that?

TechAlliannce Startup Innovation Award

on April 4, 2017

Congratulations goes out to Formi 3DP Inc. for their TechAlliannce Startup Innovation Award.

Formi 3DP Inc. aims to be a world leader in providing designers and engineers new resin, surface finishes and services to accelerate the product development process.

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ecommTechAlliannce Startup Innovation Award

Students nab innovation awards

on April 4, 2017

Three Western students reflected their best work in developing a winning commercialization strategy for a mirror box used in lower-extremity therapy, earning them one of the top spots in the annual Proteus Innovation Competition.

The competition – a partnership between WORLDiscoveries, TechAlliance of Southwestern Ontario, Propel Entrepreneurship at Western, LEAP Junction at Fanshawe College and Western Research Park – brings together students to compete in finding a viable path to market for close-to-commercialization technologies assigned to WORLDiscoveries. All the technologies were developed by Western researchers.

Esther Lau, along with Ashley Hannon and Solmaz Karamdoust, teamed up to take on the intense four-month commercialization challenge.

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ecommStudents nab innovation awards

Trainee awarded the 2017 WORLDiscoveries Scholarship

on April 3, 2017

Congratulations to Haider Hassan, a Biochemistry PhD student in the lab of Joe Torchia, PhD, Departments of Biochemistry and Oncology, for receiving the 2017 WORLDiscoveries Scholarship for Commercialization/Entrepreneurship. Haider has been recognized for his ingenious project on rapid detection of Ebola virus in blood.

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ecommTrainee awarded the 2017 WORLDiscoveries Scholarship

Western researchers get cover of “Brain and Behavior”, March 2017

on March 29, 2017

A group of Western researchers engaged with WORLDiscoveries last year to discuss their work on independent component graph analysis of resting-state fMRI, or functional magnetic resonance imaging. fMRI is a procedure that uses MRI technology to measure brain activity through the detection of changes associated with blood flow.

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ecommWestern researchers get cover of “Brain and Behavior”, March 2017

Proteus: Kick-Starting the Road to Commercialization

on March 9, 2017

Taking an innovative technology from bench top to bedside takes more than just a good idea – ask any entrepreneur. It takes the right team, mentors, funding and a whole lot of hustle!

On Thursday, March 2nd, the six finalists for the second annual Proteus Innovation Competition took the stage to prove that they had just that.

The journey for these six teams started four months ago where they, along with 33 other teams, entered for their chance to win $7,500. The ask was simple – find a viable commercialization path for one of three technologies. After two stages, the teams were narrowed down from 39 to 6 and all that stood between them and the prize money was the Live Pitch Finale.

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ecommProteus: Kick-Starting the Road to Commercialization

Western Founders Network

on February 24, 2017

Western University takes pride in the various clubs, programs and conferences that are designed to help students succeed in their professional careers upon graduation. The wide array of organizations and events at the University help students foster their innovative ideas, develop skills and gain connections to industry leaders.

The Western Founders Network is one that is also part of the broader entrepreneurship ecosystem in London. It can be considered Western University’s premier student-led business and technology organization that aims to cultivate a community of entrepreneurial-minded individuals. Launched in 2013 and with over 350 members, the club is for anyone interested in business, technology and entrepreneurship.

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ecommWestern Founders Network

Western University-developed HIV vaccine ready for human trials

on December 2, 2016

On a day the world pauses to unite in the fight against HIV, it was a major development in London.

Western University scientists, using an approach others haven’t tried because of possible safety concerns, are moving closer to extensive human trials of a vaccine to fight HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

“If we can show that this vaccine is effective in preventing people from contracting HIV, we can stop the AIDS epidemic and that would be tremendous. It would be a tremendous contribution to humankind, and it would make all of our efforts worthwhile,” Western’s Chil-Yong Kang, who developed the vaccine with a team of London researchers, said in a statement Thursday, which was World Aids Day.

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ecommWestern University-developed HIV vaccine ready for human trials