TCM: An Effective Measure of Employee Commitment

on March 23, 2015

How committed are your employees? In measuring employee commitment to an organization, it is important to analyze three significant elements that can gain insight into commitment, including desire, obligation and cost. TCM has integrated these important dimensions of employee commitment to produce high-quality and effective employee surveys resulting in enhanced workplace satisfaction.

Employees respond to a series of statements pertaining to their relationship with the organization, and their reasons for staying. Tailored to both academic institutions and commercial industries, TCM has created two packages in an easily accessible and affordable collection. Aimed at battling unwanted turnovers and uncommitted employees, this extensive online survey is an ideal method of restoring employee dedication.

With an enhancement from the original survey which consisted of eight statements for each of three commitment scales, TCM has created a revised version of six statements for each form of commitment. Previous measures of Affective Commitment Scale (ACS), the Normative Commitment Scale (NCS) and the Continuance Commitment Scale (CCS) have now been expanded into six critical forms of commitment to create an optimal evaluation of employee commitment.

WORLDiscoveries® is thrilled to be a part of this exciting innovation which utilizes extensive expertise to ensure optimal results in employee commitment.

For those of you interested in the Academic Package, you will be provided with a survey, instructions for scoring, interpreting the survey results as well as additional sources for more information about the commitment scales and employee commitment. All of the information is provided for you to ensure you will be knowledgeable about all of the information pertaining to the survey, and the critical results that emerge. Best of all, the academic package is free of charge for both academic researchers and students.

For those in the commercial industry, TCM has created an exclusive Commercial Package that can be administered alone, or can be embedded in more extensive paper and pencil or web- based organizational surveys. All of the information provided to those using the academic package is present for the commercial packages and questionnaires are also provided with instructions regarding various results analysis options. Depending on the number of subjects you wish to include, licenses will vary in cost.

Find more information about commercial packaging costs here

Every organization can benefit from enhanced employee commitment, and TCM makes it easy for employers to gain insight into employee feedback on their dedication to the company.

ecommTCM: An Effective Measure of Employee Commitment