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TEAMc: Toolkit for Educating a New Generation of Patient- Centred Collaborative Teams

on March 4, 2015

WORLDiscoveries® is excited to introduce an innovative and high-quality team enhancement program: TEAMc- Tools to Enhance and Assist Maximizing Team Collaboration.

TEAMc helps to deliver patient- centred care in a collaborative, coordinated and participatory approach to shared decision making around health and social issues. For a while now, the health system has been emphasizing patient involvement in the need for health providers to work in teams, yet there has been limited assistance to improve interprofessional client- centred collaborative practice (IPCCCP). TEAMc is designed to assist health providers in learning how to work more effectively in a collaborative sense, including their patients and family members within care planning. These components have been proved to reduce staff turnover, sick time and shorten patients’ length of stay; reduce nosocomial infections, falls, and medical errors; and increase staff and patient/family satisfaction with care.

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ecommTEAMc: Toolkit for Educating a New Generation of Patient- Centred Collaborative Teams

Who’s the crew on the inventorship?

on January 13, 2014

A patent is a set of exclusive rights granted by the government in exchange for publicly disclosing an invention. These rights, which permit the patentee to exclude others from making, using, selling or distributing the invention without consent for typically 20 years, are generally only granted to the inventors or their legal representatives. In cases of sole inventorship, there is little doubt as to who should be named as an inventor on the patent document. Where an invention arises from a collaborative effort, determining who is truly an inventor can be challenging. It also differs significantly from the way authorship is established for other publications.

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ecommWho’s the crew on the inventorship?