TEAMc: Toolkit for Educating a New Generation of Patient- Centred Collaborative Teams

on March 4, 2015

WORLDiscoveries® is excited to introduce an innovative and high-quality team enhancement program: TEAMc- Tools to Enhance and Assist Maximizing Team Collaboration.

TEAMc helps to deliver patient- centred care in a collaborative, coordinated and participatory approach to shared decision making around health and social issues. For a while now, the health system has been emphasizing patient involvement in the need for health providers to work in teams, yet there has been limited assistance to improve interprofessional client- centred collaborative practice (IPCCCP). TEAMc is designed to assist health providers in learning how to work more effectively in a collaborative sense, including their patients and family members within care planning. These components have been proved to reduce staff turnover, sick time and shorten patients’ length of stay; reduce nosocomial infections, falls, and medical errors; and increase staff and patient/family satisfaction with care.

The program is a toolkit comprised of seven workshops facilitated within organizations designed to improve team collaborative skills. Developed by Dr. Carole Orchard, an Associate Professor and Coordinator of Interprofessional Health Education and Research (IPHER) at Western University, and in conjunction with the HealthForceOntario funded project Interprofessional Diabetic Foot Ulcer Team (IPDFUT) Development, the educational toolkit has been designed to assist health teams’ function at optimal level of collaborative efficiency.

TEAMc’s educational modules are based on research in both institutional and community settings, enabling enhancement of collaborative work for a variety of environments and resulting in effective outcomes. The workshop series assists practicing professionals in identifying their current strengths in team collaborative practice and building from these strengths to create a full functioning cooperative team. The workshop series additionally builds on team strengths in working together to allow health providers to be fully utilized in their full scopes of practice, and ensure all aspects of the teams’ knowledge, skills and expertise are used. Teams will have an extensive action plan to enhance team functioning and will be able to test the operationalization of team outcomes.

WORLDiscoveries® is proud and thrilled to be a part of this quality program which combines exceptional innovation and optimal results in enhancing interprofessional collaborative teamwork within the field of healthcare.

The time commitment to this program is incomparable to the results gained from the workshop series. You will have your own facilitators within your agencies to continuously support interprofessional collaborative client- centred teamwork in an efficient, effective and caring manner. You will also have teams who have gone through the program who can become further leaders of this effective practice in your agency. Your organization will be able to effectively work together and reduce the possibility of poor interprofessional communications, which account for two- thirds of patient undesirable events.

Revolutionize your workplace by implementing team focused collaborative practices, and tremendously improve patient centred care with TEAMc. Register today at

ecommTEAMc: Toolkit for Educating a New Generation of Patient- Centred Collaborative Teams