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Fields of Gold

on August 1, 2011

From farm fields to lumber mills, a portable plant from Agri-Therm Inc. is ready to eat up the waste and spit out the oil

Jennifer MacDonald faced down the business moguls on CBC TV’s Dragons’ Den in 2006 and snagged a $200,000 investment for her Cenabal Gourmet Organics salad dressing in five minutes flat.

But securing $3 million in venture capital to build out a commercial green energy prototype is proving to be a much tougher proposition. “We are looking for money to accelerate the project,” says MacDonald, now the chief operating officer of Agri-Therm Inc., a company dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing portable equipment that produces bio-oils from agricultural waste. “And we really want to keep the investment in the company Canadian—and preferably from Ontario.”

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